ADIE Créajeunes, France

As young people from deprived suburban areas of France struggle to find work, ADIE’s CréaJeunes programme is helping them to start their own businesses.

ADIE stands for Association for the Right to Economic Initiative. In 2007 it launched the CréaJeunes programme, which is available for free to youth 18 to 32 years old. Aimed at fighting joblessness in deprived neighbourhoods or ‘banlieues difficiles’, in French, in cities all over France, the programme addresses the strong motivation from many young people to start their own business combined with their lack of experience.

By training, coaching and tutoring young people in 6 to 8 week terms, ADIE helps these candidates define and design their project before formally applying to the standard ADIE microcredit and micro-business development process. This programme consists of focusing on growing confidence modules and practical knowledge of the business world. Continuing this preparation phase, young people can access funding for microcredit complemented by an unsecured loan at 0% and then benefit from support in the creation stages.

In 2014, close to 1,300 young people joined the scheme. Within 10 months after completing their training, 50% either set up their own business or found employment.

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Key figures

  • 1,300

    young people benefitted in 2014

  • 50%

    secured a job

1,300 young people benefitted in 2014
50% secured a job

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