Fundación Ana Bella, Spain

The noble aim of Fundación Ana Bella is to build a society free from violence against women. A mobile application or ‘App’ and peer-to-peer support network seeks to help women in Spain and will later be rolled out to other Spanish-speaking countries.

Ana Bella Estevez is a domestic violence survivor, but does not define herself by her troubled experiences. Now one of Spain’s leading social entrepreneurs, in 2011 Ana Bella was granted a Fellowship by the global entrepreneurs organisation, Ashoka. Through her Foundation, Ana Bella spearheads the country’s women’s survivor movement, and reaches out to 1,200 women every year. By offering a peer-to-peer support based on the principle of portraying positive testimonies of survivors, Ana Bella is enabling abused women to empower themselves as social changemakers.

Together with consumer goods company, Danone Spain, Ana co-created the Ana Bella Social School for Women Empowerment, which is modeling a new paradigm of labour integration. The association fosters a mode of recruitment based on personal values as abuse survivors rather than positive discrimination for being victims. The ultimate objective of her Foundation is to enable hidden victims to break away from abusive relations and become empowered and productive citizens.

Providing the first step in enabling women to break free from abusive relationships is now a mobile App and online platform, which helps women connect to a virtual support platform and a strong peer network. This innovative use of technology is being piloted in Seville, before being scaled up to Andalucía, and later on Spanish speaking countries.

Key figures

  • 5,000

    women helped in the first year

  • 10,000

    women is the aim for the second year

5,000 women helped in the first year
10,000 women is the aim for the second year

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