Planète Urgence, Indonesia

By supporting Planète Urgence’s three-year project, we hope to boost the economic resilience of local communities through education and sustainable aquaculture.

As one of the biggest deltas in the world – around 55,000 people live in the region – Mahakam currently faces environmental and social problems, which include a lack of revenue due to the decrease in fishing yields. Deforestation has destroyed the ecological equilibrium and is endangering the biodiversity and economy of the surrounding area.

This three-year partnership with Planète Urgence implementing the MADIMAP programme will begin by restoring biodiversity through strategic reforestation plans. The distribution of a mangrove reforestation guidebook and community training initiatives will lead to the creation of three nurseries.

The second key objective is to establish sustainable aquaculture. Awareness in selected community groups will be cultivated through village meetings and training in sustainable farming and running a profitable enterprise. This preliminary work will result in 30 hectares of sustainable aquaculture farmed by local enterprises to produce nutritional and handicraft revenue streams. 

In 2014, training was provided on various topics such as nursery management and planting procedures; close to 180,000 mangrove trees were planted.

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Key figures

  • 180,000

    mangrove trees planted

  • 45

    hectares of sustainable aquaculture ponds

180,000 mangrove trees planted
45 hectares of sustainable aquaculture ponds

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