Athens, Greece

Athens: arts attendance for deprived children

For several years, the Athens Charity Committee has been committed to two local causes: a local children’s hostel, the Eliza House, and SOS Children’s Villages, a global organisation that recreates real ‘homes’ for children who are homeless or have been abandoned or orphaned. Both organisations’ needs are particularly significant right now, as Greece continues to suffer economically, affecting thousands of families and children. The Athens team regularly help out at the Village but recently increased their support to bring extra joy to the kids’ lives. In a creative move, the Committee forged a collaboration with the Athens-based Onassis Cultural Centre (OCC), a contemporary arts space with an emphasis on educating children. The team‘s objective was for all 75 children at the Village and the Eliza House to attend a performance or educational program at the OCC. The initiative has been a success so far, with children enjoying activities around architecture, music and theatre. The OCC also hosted a special appeal, requesting ‘Friends of the Centre’ to donate points when buying tickets; this sparked an enormous response and generated enough arts tickets for all the children over the coming year.