Athens, Greece

For several years, the Athens Charity Committee has been committed to support the charity SOS Children Villages in Greece, a global organisation that recreates homes for children who are homeless or have been abandoned. Last year, the Athens team supported many fundraising campaigns to help re-furnishing the SOS Children’s babies home in Penteli. As you can see in the video below, babies are already there and the initiative, which will be operationally supported for the next 2 years by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, has been a great success! 

The SOS Children’s Villages will continue to be the focus of the local Charity Committee, which has engaged in another smart and valuable project: fundraising to buy dental units for the kids. The amazing efforts of the local committee and the generosity of the Greek staff have allowed to collect around 60,000 Euro, which will be doubled by the Foundation. 


For the Athens’ Committee, however, being involved in charitable activities is not just a matter of fundraising. Most of all, it means dedicating time and using all the possible creative solutions to engage with the children of the Village in annual events. Just to mention few of the interesting initiatives organised by the Greek colleagues, a “Santa Claus” from the local Trafigura office regularly goes to visit the SOS’s Village over Christmas. Every year, the kids are invited to spend a cultural day in theatre with the Greek staff and their families.  In 2015, thanks to a collaboration with the Onassis Cultural Centre, professional choreographers went to the Village and kids were trained to perform a dancing show. With the money raised at the night of the event and with other donations, the Athens committee was able to fund a project aiming at helping Greek families hit by the crisis.

The exemplary initiatives organised by the Athens Committee demonstrate how creativity and the capacity to use a wide network of connections and collaborations help to invent inspiring staff-engagement activities, enlarge the list of potential donors and reach more beneficiaries. 

The Athens Charity Committee. From left to right: Fotis Karagiannopoulos, Renia Agathou, Artemis Ntre, Faye Frangelis, Eleni Katseli, Evagellos Polemis