Montevideo, Uruguay

As the Montevideo office has grown into a larger regional hub, so too the local Charity Committee here has created a more formal structure for itself. The team already boasts core membership of 20 volunteers.


 One of the team’s first activities was to organise a Secret Santa for ‘La Esperanza’, an association that provides after-school tutoring to over 70 disadvantaged children and their families. In 2014, the Committee continued their children’s focus, celebrating National Children’s Day with Unidos, their chosen charity of the year. This Montevideo-based NGO helps children living in extreme poverty and, despite operating out of a ramshackle shipping container, offers homework help, a football club and after-school snacks to over 60 hungry neighbourhood kids.

On a daily basis, the Charity Committee is now helping the office go greener, with a recycling initiative for yerba, the typical Uruguayan tea-like drink. The yerba mate leaves will be collected in bins and picked up by a local organisation to use as compost fertiliser on local farms.

Montevideo Charity Committee

From left to right: Juan Pablo Casado, Victoria Acevedo, Gonzalo de la Canal, Maria Barreiro, Jesica Altamirano, Nicolas Simian, Veronica Olivella, Gaston Bove, Laura Oliver, Federico Zorraquin, Victoria Ferreira, Carolina Minchiotti, Valentina Caffera.

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