In 2016, the Singapore Charity Committee donated time and organised many fundraising activities to support MINDS, the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore, and the Dignity Kitchen, a hawker training school for disabled and disadvantaged people. Their great fundraising efforts have been rewarded, as last year the local committee was able to collect 10,800 SGD for MINDS and 525 SGD for MINDS Banker, 400 SGD for Dignity Kitchen and 440 SGD for Project Dignity.

The Committee has acquired new members and from a small (but very proactive) team has grown to 8 members (see picture below). They drive different events and activities ranging from the collection of goods for disadvantaged people, to sport and in-house events as their participation to the JPMorgan Challenge Run and the organisation of summer parties, often partnering with the local Entertainment Committee. All these initiatives are meant to raise awareness on different social issues and connect employees to causes they care about.

Left to right: Wharton, Hilda, Yuet Yee, Jane, Heloise, James. Missing: Pierre Yves and Yeong Siang