IECD Family Farm Schools, DRC, Ivory Coast, Cameroon

We are delighted to be able to help the European Institute for Co-operation and Development (IECD) provide tailor-made training programmes to allow young rural West Africans to reach their full potential.

The European Institute for Cooperation and Development (IECD) is a non-profit NGO committed to supporting social and economic development in emerging and developing countries. We are partnering with IECD for the development of “Family Farm Schools” (FFS), a rural centre for vocational training that provides youngsters (13-20 years old) with a vocational and entrepreneurial training over 3 years.

There are 14 FFS as well as 1 Training Institute for Rural Entrepreneurship (IFERA) in Ivory Coast, and 4 in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). To improve access to these quality educational opportunities, 1 boarding school, 12 other accommodations and 4 canteens have been developed. In the DRC we’re happy to see the construction of the new Kimpemba Family Farm School as well as the renovation of the Ndiginga School. The Trafigura Foundation has been part of this initiative since 2013. So far, more than 3,800 students have completed the training across all 38 Schools. In 2016, 116 FFS trainers were trained across the region to support this programme. Many of the alumni have gone on to develop their own business and almost all have seen an increase in their production and revenues. FFSs partnerships with the cocoa, sugar cane and palm oil industries are also helping to fast-track students into professional opportunities in these sectors.

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Key figures

  • 3,800

    students trained since 2013

  • 18

    family farm school

  • 3

    countries of presence

3,800 students trained since 2013
18 family farm school
3 countries of presence

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