NOCCA, United States of America

Our support for NOCCA began in 2007 and this, in part, helped them to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. We now plan to help them achieve four specific goals.

NOCCA, in New Orleans, is an ambitious Creative Arts Center with equally ambitious plans to develop and expand. We are supporting its Gateway Project, which plans to increase academic and learning spaces, promote innovative income-generation models and drive its Culinary Arts programme. Importantly, the project also strives to maintain access to excellence in arts education for talented low-income students who are unable to afford the tuition fees and education costs.

Specifically, the Trafigura Foundation is offering financial support to help them renovate a recently acquired warehouse, which will include several income-generating projects such as a café and retail outlet. We have also contributed towards the development of the Press Street Gardens, a community-supported agriculture programme, and a Food Truck called The Boxcar, which is run by the Culinary Arts students while providing a creative source of income.

We have also given a contribution towards the capital expenses and start-up costs for the Forum Cafe and provided a donation to NOCCA's overall Financial Aid scheme for underprivileged students and families.

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    income-generating projects

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    financial aids to low-income students

4 income-generating projects
230 financial aids to low-income students

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