NOCCA, United States of America

Our support for NOCCA began in 2007 and this, in part, helped them to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. We now plan to help them achieve four specific goals.

The lively NOCCA professional arts training facility is truly one of a kind. It’s dedicated to helping young artists of limited means attend the Centre, where they’re immersed in classical music, culinary arts, dance, drama, theatre design, visual arts, creative writing and more. Admission is by audition and there is no tuition fee. Trafigura Foundation is a leading supporter of its Financial Aid Programme. Our funding has been put towards exposing pupils to dynamic opportunities, like training with masters on industry-standard equipment and summer study sessions at pre-college programmes. Graduates who had received aid during their time at NOCCA went on to garner over USD 12.5 million in scholarships and aid to go to college. The overall student body earned over USD 22 million in scholarship offers, a USD 151,000 per student average! Rental income revenues from the facilities on campus (performance venues, galleries, restaurants and outdoor spaces) have significantly increased too.

Key figures

  • 4

    income-generating projects

  • 230

    financial aids to low-income students

4 income-generating projects
230 financial aids to low-income students

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