ATIA Tuberculosis Programme, India

Our contribution helps reduce the economic impact of TB on the most under-privileged communities in Mumbai slums.

Over 6 million people live in the slums of the Greater Mumbai area, where tuberculosis remains a major cause of death. The economic and social cost for the patients and their families is tremendous. Besides strengthening and decentralising TB health services, the Inter Aide programme raises awareness among the local population of risks, prevention and available care.

By the end of the three-year programme 15,040 patients will have been treated within 82 ‘DOTS’ centres – Directly Observed Therapy Short-course. The overall efficiency of the programme significantly improved thanks to the DOTS scheme as it allowed detection and treatment to be brought closer to where patients work or live. Encouragingly 82% of the patients treated in the DOTS centres managed by Inter Aide have been cured.

Importantly, the programme was key in facilitating the treatment of a considerable number of patients who would otherwise not have been treated at all or only treated much later, whilst putting at risk other individuals.

The prevention activities implemented have raised awareness for more than 950,000 individuals.

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Key figures

  • 1million

    people reached by prevention efforts

  • 82%

    of patients cured

1million people reached by prevention efforts
82% of patients cured

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