Our Approach

The Trafigura Foundation aims to become an enabler of solutions focusing primarily on climate adaptation and the socioeconomic needs of vulnerable communities.


We organise collective action to deliver climate adaptation solutions at scale. We collaborate with stakeholders including philanthropists, development agencies, multilateral organisations, investors, academia, and donors. We aim to enhance adaptation efforts by leveraging funds and attracting expertise.


We partner for the long run. Our partnership cycles span several years. We invest in organisations and coalitions that set ambitious goals, supporting their initiatives from inception to maturity.


To address the global adaptation financing gap, our climate adaptation work is intended to complement other efforts to address climate change, where investments are primarily centred on mitigation.

Joining forces to amplify impact

As a funder, the Trafigura Foundation sees coalitions as a premier platform to increase learning, coordinate approaches, and align with other philanthropies to address the impacts of climate change at a large scale. In 2023, we signed a call to action with seventeen leading funders to catalyse efforts on climate adaptation initiatives and foster global resilience.

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Geographic focus

Our funding strategy aims to contribute to building the resilience of the communities and ecosystems of low- and middle-income countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America that are most vulnerable to climate change.

We prioritise interventions with a larger geographic scope by focusing primarily on regional and global initiatives. We consider country-specific initiatives when they are scalable, replicable, and have the potential for significant impact.