Staff Engagement

woman running on a marathon smiling

Beyond the workplace,
employees united to support
the greater good.

Every year across the Trafigura Group's global offices, employees are involved in multiple charitable initiatives. From volunteering, to fundraising or sponsoring colleagues in a range of sporting events and activities, they actively participate in and positively contribute to the communities in which they work.

The Trafigura Foundation is pleased to support these initiatives and magnify their impact. All the local causes are selected by employees themselves, so that we back what really matters to their communities.

Engaging in charitable initiatives is a testament to our company’s culture, striving to make a meaningful impact.

Jeremy Weir

Executive Chairman and CEO, Trafigura

When coming together makes a lasting difference

Charity Committees are groups of employees who volunteer to organise charitable activities. They serve as ambassadors for a company-wide spirit of philanthropy, translating it into concrete projects developed in collaboration with local charities.

To encourage staff in their charitable activities and maximise the impact of their generosity, the Trafigura Foundation promotes two special endeavours:

The Charity of the Year

Charity Committees vote for a local non-profit they wish to support throughout the year. Upon selection, the Foundation provides a 12-month grant to the chosen organisation, while the Charity Committee ensures the effective implementation of volunteering and fundraising activities within its office.

Matching funds

The Trafigura Foundation matches each dollar raised or generated by the direct initiative of a Charity Committee, office, or employee, provided that the funds are designated for a specific charitable purpose validated by the Foundation.

11 Charity Committees located in major Trafigura offices