Geneva, Switzerland

Getting involved


The Geneva Charity Committee achieved extraordinary results in 2016: they managed to fundraise around CHF 690,000 in favour of local charities, including the Trafigura Foundation’s matched funds.

But philanthropy is not just a matter of giving money, it means also giving time and using or recycling resources for a good cause. More than 60 of Geneva’s staff members have donated their time to cook Sunday lunches for around 1000 disadvantaged people – a monthly activity taking place on the second Sunday of every month. Others made their language skills available to teach English at Le Bateau Genève, a local charity. Throughout the year, 87 bags of second-hand toys and 86 bags of clothes have been collected and donated, respectively, to La Jouetterie and Le Vestiaire Social, Caritas. 


The Charity of the Year


Carrefour Rue was elected Charity of the Year by the Geneva Charity Committee in 2016, whose ultimate purpose is to create small villages composed of new containers transformed into habitable studios for homeless people. This charity offers innovative solutions to fight against poverty and social exclusion, provides shelters for homeless people, food, assistance, clothes, activities and many other initiatives, as “La Jouetterie”, the collection of second-hand toys. Discover this organisation at the following link.

The Geneva Charity Committee from left to right: Roland Devenyi, James Crossley, Ursula Moreira, Ian Swords, Hadi Hallouche, Craig Smallbone, Patricia Jordan. Missing from the photo: Emilie Delannoy, Jasper Derouiche, Radia Bounouba, Alan Cumming, Arnaud Le Roux and Simona Bistrian.

What’s the secret?


So how did the Geneva Charity Committee hit that record half a million mark? First of all, the Committee membership grew last year and diversified. Most departments in Geneva’s 450-strong office are now represented. They act as ambassadors on their floor, getting colleagues to financially participate and get involved in the different causes they champion throughout the year. Another compelling feature is the variety of fundraising activities proposed, meaning that everyone can find a way to chip in. It doesn’t need to be a two-hour run or cycling all the way around the lake (180 km) although some Trafletes were happy to sweat it out for a good cause. Meanwhile others used their persuasion and creative skills selling raffle tickets for the Christmas party or baking cakes.

Fundraising activities organised