Executive Director Joins White House Meeting

Last week, our Executive Director Dario Soto Abril was invited to join our new partner Partnership for Central American (PCA) at the White House to meet Vice President Kamala Harris and President Bernardo Arévalo of Guatemala, who announced more than $1 billion in new private sector commitments to support economic development across Northern Central America.


To date, PCA’s collective action approach has mobilized $1 billion in private sector investments, generating 70,000 jobs, facilitating $400 million in manufacturing investments, and advancing $253 million in agricultural capacity building and climate adaptation. These efforts have also integrated 2.5 million individuals into the formal economy, connected 4.5 million people to the internet, and provided training programs to over 1 million learners.


Through a three-year grant, PCA and the Trafigura Foundation are joining forces to advance climate adaptation in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras through an innovative and high-scale collective action effort.


“These investments are catalysts for positive transformation – creating jobs, bridging communities to the digital economy, bolstering access to financing for small businesses, and providing essential training and education opportunities for youth, women, and workers”, said PCA representatives.


“Most importantly, these investments are translating into real-life opportunities for families and communities across integrated supply chains in Central America and the United States. They’re empowering students, uplifting employees, fuelling entrepreneurship, and enhancing livelihoods. Through collective action and mobilizing private sector commitments, we are shaping a model for sustainable economic development.”