International Women’s Day: Inspiring stories of empowerment

On International Women's Day, we celebrate the remarkable initiatives supported by the Trafigura Foundation's partners, dedicated to empowering women and girls globally.

Among them stands BOMA, a non-profit organization committed to assisting women from Nomadic and agro-pastoralist communities in Ethiopia’s dryland area of Borena Zone, Oromia Region.

Despite Ethiopia’s rapid economic growth, pivotal socio-economic indicators such as per-capita income, gender equality, and food security remain distressingly low. Severe droughts force herders into destructive livelihoods like charcoal harvesting and mining, intensifying gender-based discrimination and disempowerment.

BOMA’s Green Rural Entrepreneur Access Program (REAP) actively enhances community resilience through economic inclusion. Over a two-year period, participants undergo training, mentoring, receive grants, and establish sustainable enterprises. In the pilot programme in Northern Kenya, a remarkable 90% transitioned from destructive practices to sustainable ventures, contributing to the planting of over 40,500 tree seedlings.

With the support of the Foundation, BOMA is now implementing this project in Ethiopia, ambitiously planning to enrol 2,100 new entrepreneurs through the Green REAP program. With a strategic focus on natural resource management, the programme aims to graduate 13,000 individuals, simultaneously contributing to the restoration of degraded forests and pastures in the region. Together, these efforts empower communities and create pathways out of extreme poverty.

Other partners have implemented various women-focused initiatives, showcasing their commitment to empowering women in diverse contexts.

Root Capital: Bridging gender gaps in agricultural finance

Women are the backbone of the agricultural sector. Yet numerous educational, economic, and social barriers prevent them from accessing vital resources and opportunities. This inequity has damaging consequences for women, but also for rural economies as a whole. Root Capital works to expand access to finance and technical assistance to more women-led and gender-inclusive businesses.

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Bridges to Prosperity: Ensuring women’s safe access to basic services in Africa

Nearly a billion people worldwide lack safe and adequate transportation access. This contributes to limited educational and healthcare opportunities, economic disadvantages, increased vulnerability to violence, and social isolation, hindering women’s empowerment and overall well-being. Safe access empowers women, securing the prosperity and future of entire communities.

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SiKanda; Fostering women’s solidarity and economic opportunities

In the remote region of Oaxaca, Mexico, factors like gender-based discrimination, limited community participation, and violence hinder women’s progress. Our partner, SiKanda, fosters solidarity networks to address these challenges, empowering women through training, support, and safe spaces. SiKanda promotes autonomy and economic empowerment among female micro-entrepreneurs, enhancing their businesses and income.

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Alliance for Responsible Mining: Advancing Gender Equity in the mining sector

Women comprise 30% of workers in artisanal and small-scale mining, often occupying lower-paying informal roles due to societal gender stereotypes. Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) adopts a gender approach to address power imbalances and discrimination by identifying root causes of inequity. Recognizing differing experiences, ARM aims to bridge gaps and foster progressive transformation in the sector.

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