Our Foundation Supports Relief Efforts in Flood-Stricken Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

In late April and early May, the southernmost part of Brazil faced devastating floods affecting 1.9 million people. Our Foundation is supporting relief efforts by partnering with a local organisation to provide essential supplies and plan for long-term recovery.

The state of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil recently faced unprecedented and devastating floods due to exceptionally heavy rainfall—three times higher than the average for that time of year. This natural disaster affected approximately 1.9 million people, displaced over 600,000, injured close to 1,000, left more than 140 missing, and resulted in over 120 fatalities.

More than 440 out of the state’s 496 municipalities reported flood-related issues. As the heavy rainfall continues, rescue workers and humanitarian actors are tirelessly supporting those affected.

Our Foundation is backing the humanitarian response efforts of Central Única das Favelas (CUFA), a Brazilian organisation leading a major relief operation in Rio Grande do Sul. CUFA is working with local leaders to address immediate needs and plan for the long-term recovery of the most affected and vulnerable communities.

In the initial phase of their response, CUFA has accelerated efforts to equip shelters for displaced persons with essential items such as household goods, food, water, and hygiene kits. Future phases will include permanent medical assistance, infrastructure rebuilding, and local economic support.

By mid-May, CUFA had distributed:

  • 20,000 hygiene and cleaning kits
  • 20,000 personal hygiene kits
  • 20,000 litres of water
  • 5 cartloads of food
  • 30,000 bath kits
  • 30,000 mattresses

Despite these efforts, the needs continue to exceed the capacity of humanitarian actors.