Trafigura Foundation announces new partnerships for 2024-2026

Trafigura Foundation announces new strategic partnerships that will support its new strategy

The Trafigura Foundation announces new strategic partnerships that will support its new strategy.

The Foundation is concentrating on long term partnerships and catalytic forms of funding to achieve its goals, focusing on programmes that will have region-wide impact in Africa, Asia and Latin America.  

Specifically, the Foundation aims to contribute to climate adaptation by supporting sustainable livelihoods, prepared communities, and thriving nature.  

The Foundation’s partnership with the Plan Vivo will enable Plan Vivo to scale up its work with climate-exposed farming communities to develop and certify sustainable land management projects, bringing additional nature-based financing within the reach of more smallholder communities and increasing resources for sustainable livelihoods and conservation efforts. 

Clim-Eat will work with national and regional decision-makers to promote policies that facilitate climate adaptation and food security in African agriculture. In this phase, it will focus on investment, irrigation and digitalisation in five countries of East Africa. The programme’s ultimate beneficiaries are climate-vulnerable smallholder farmers. 

The Peace Dividend Initiative (PDI) incubates, accompanies and invests in small and medium-size businesses in countries affected by conflict. This partnership will enable PDI to build and scale up a climate-resilient entrepreneurship programme. PDI’s vision is to contribute to peace and development by creating peace-supporting and climate-resilient economic opportunities that have a long-term and positive social and environmental impact. 

Central America’s Northern Triangle is both extremely violent and highly vulnerable to climate risks. The Partnership for Central America (PCA) works with public and private actors to find adaptation solutions to the economic threats of climate change and so reduce political and social violence in the region. The partnership will support PCA’s efforts to strengthen community-based elements of its approach. 

The partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) provides support to coral reef protection in the Sulu-Sulawesi Sea (South East Asia). It will enable the Foundation to support ecosystem-based adaptation and WCS to advance research on climate-resilient reefs that can generate global learning benefits as well as direct benefits for reef ecologies and communities in the programme area. 

The Foundation welcomes the opportunity to work strategically with our partners in the coming period to achieve impact through catalytic solutions, leverage long-term investment, empower resilient communities, champion ecosystem-based adaptation, collaborate to achieve scale and effectiveness, and support community-centred insight and action.