Addressing Climate and Health: An Investment Opportunity for Social Investors

Today, our Executive Director joins a panel on climate and health investment opportunities during a side event of the World Health Organization's World Health Assembly.

Our Executive Director, Dario Soto Abril, participated in a compelling panel discussion titled “Climate & Health: An Investment Opportunity for Social Investors.” The session, organized by the social investor network AVPN Asia as a side event of the World Health Organization’s World Health Assembly, addressed three critical questions: How does climate change impact health? What solutions have emerged to address these impacts? How can strategic investment deploy and scale these solutions?

The discussion highlighted the severe effects of climate change on at-risk communities, which include increased vulnerability to extreme weather events, health risks, food and water insecurity, economic disruptions, and displacement. There is an urgent need for collaborative efforts and actionable steps to provide transformative and equitable support.

Key topics included:

·        Challenges
and opportunities
: Scaling up strategic investment in innovations that
address the intersection of climate health and equity presents both significant
challenges and opportunities.

·        Accelerating
positive impacts
: The panel explored how social investors, the private
sector, and philanthropic efforts can complement public financing to accelerate
positive impacts in this critical area.

·        Increasing
: Strategies to increase investments in the climate and health
nexus were also a focal point, emphasizing the need for a coordinated approach
to maximize impact.

This discussion underscored the importance of strategic investment in addressing the interconnected issues of climate change and health, and highlighted the vital role of social investors in driving meaningful change.