2023-2027 Strategy: Centring our funding on climate adaptation

We are pleased to announce the launch of Trafigura Foundation’s new strategy, which covers 2023-2027.

The strategy reflects our vision of creating a world where individuals flourish and communities prosper in harmony. Led by our Board and Management Team, developing this strategy involved consolidating input and feedback from a broad range of stakeholders.

Our updated mission, to invest in catalytic solutions for resilient communities and ecosystems, will be achieved through six essential principles:

  • Driving impact through catalytic solutions
  • Leveraging long-term investment through partnerships
  • Empowering resilient communities
  • Championing ecosystem-based adaptation
  • Collaborating for scale and effectiveness
  • Supporting community-centred insight and action

The driving force behind this strategic repositioning is the burning imperative to increase climate funding – with a particular emphasis on climate adaptation. We are already seeing the profound effects of climate change in unpredictable weather patterns and the increasing frequency and severity of extreme weather events and subsequent disasters. Unfortunately, these consequences disproportionately harm those vulnerable communities Trafigura Foundation has always served.

With these escalating risks in mind, we have carefully selected three interdependent areas of work. By focusing on ‘Sustainable livelihoods’, we will support a fair and just transition for workers, encourage green entrepreneurship, and build green energy communities.

Secondly, to enable ‘Thriving nature’, we will scale up ecosystem-based adaptation to reduce climate risks, invest in ecosystem restoration and management, and promote climate-resilient agriculture.

Equally important is our focus on ‘Prepared communities’, which will involve forging partnerships for disaster risk reduction and supporting disaster response organisations.

Alongside this refreshed set of priorities, our impact will be deepened by an increased focus on long-term partnerships rather than projects, which will favour funding initiatives from inception to maturity. At the same time, solidifying our commitment to responsible supply chains as a strategic crosscutting theme will allow us to better leverage Trafigura’s unparalleled knowledge and capabilities.

This strategy marks a pivotal new chapter for Trafigura Foundation and the beginning of our evolution from traditional giving to catalytic philanthropy. Our grantees will become true partners in achieving our vision as we go beyond disbursing grants to investing in systemic change.

We are immensely proud as we reflect on the past fifteen years and what we have achieved. Now, we look to the future with renewed ambition and determination to maximise our impact.

Please click here to download a more detailed summary of our strategy.