Education for Employment creates a responsive and fair labour market for Egyptian youth


Boasting the largest population of the Middle East North Africa (MENA) countries – 102 million in 2020 – Egypt has a wealth of human resources to advance its economic growth and development.


In the face of rapid population growth, however, the country has struggled to integrate its younger and less experienced labour force into the market, leading to mass youth unemployment of up to 31%. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the already difficult employment situation, exacerbating existing inequalities and affecting especially women and young people. 


Our partner Education for Employment (EFE) strives to turn the tide against youth unemployment in Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Tunisia, Yemen and Palestine. With a consolidated experience in job training and placement across the MENA region, EFE’s market-based approach provides disadvantaged but motivated youth with the skills required by employers, thereby increasing their chances of getting quality jobs.


Following a successful three-year partnership (2019-2021), the Trafigura Foundation renewed its support to EFE Egypt until 2024. During this period, EFE Egypt will help youth find a job in sectors that are rapidly growing as a response to the pandemic, and increase access to self-employment through tailored training.


Our partnership will help EFE upskill a further 540 disadvantaged youth, as well as support the organization’s “acceleration fund”. The fund supports EFE´s entire network in consolidating operations and facilitating knowledge exchange. It will also help to expand EFE’s impact, with a view to doubling the beneficiaries reached (from 10,000 to 20,000) by 2025. Finally, the acceleration fund aims to invest in growing EFE’s own revenues, a key step to building the organization’s resilience and long-term impact.


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Four-year grant (2022-2025)

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