Plan Vivo

Scaling up fair and equitable nature-based finance for communities


Established over 25 years ago, Plan Vivo Foundation (Plan Vivo) is a global not-for-profit organisation that supports rural communities in sustainable land management. Its aim is to increase the flow of equitable and responsible finance to smallholder farmers and communities, delivering benefits for nature and the climate and reducing poverty.  



Plan Vivo is the certification body of PV Climate, a community-focused carbon standard, and co-pioneers a new biodiversity credit standard (PV Nature), launched in December 2023.  



Over 160,000 people participate in projects certified by Plan Vivo. 285,000 hectares of land are under sustainable management. USD 34 million has been channelled to community participants, from the sale of fairly traded credits (Plan Vivo Certificates – PVCs). Planned emission reductions amount to almost nine million tonnes of CO2.  



The Trafigura Foundation’s strategic partnership will enable Plan Vivo to scale up. In the coming period it will reach more communities and increase its impact. In particular it will:  



  • Strengthen the model. Plan Vivo will build support for its approach among policy, market and sustainable finance actors; increase its regional presence by extending Plan Vivo validation and verification; and report Plan Vivo resilience impacts.  
  • Improve pathways to markets. Plan Vivo will create more opportunities for communities to access nature-based finance, through PV Climate and PV Nature, by designing a new stand-alone mechanism to pay for ecosystem services, and by testing other innovative nature-based investment mechanisms. 
  • Enhance the enabling environment. Plan Vivo will develop a community project incubator hub; and design and pilot a community project accelerator, informed by similar approaches from the private sector. 


The Trafigura Foundation’s support will enable Plan Vivo to attract more investment into nature-based investments for climate vulnerable communities. In addition, Plan Vivo will establish a method for measuring and communicating the climate resilience impact of its projects and portfolio. In the coming period, it expects to give an additional 30,000 people access to nature-based finance.  



For more information about Plan Vivo, visit their website. 

The Trees for Global Benefits (TGB) project, located in Uganda. As of 2023, TGB has generated more than 3.8 million Plan Vivo Certificates, making it the largest Plan Vivo certified project.
Three-year grant (2024-2026)

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