El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras

Partnership for Central America (PCA)

Supporting climate adaptation in Northern Central America

Partnership for Central America (PCA) is a U.S. nonprofit organization established in 2021 that promotes collective action to improve financial inclusion, small business development, training, agriculture, energy and digital access, and respect for rule of law. 

It catalyzes public-private partnerships in Northern Central America (El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras), a region that suffers extreme levels of violence and has the highest climate disaster risk rating in the world.  

Roughly 40% of labor in the region works in agriculture. In 2019-2020, 80% of crops in parts of Northern Central America were lost to climate disasters. The UN estimates that by 2050, on current trends, farm yields will fall by a quarter, worsening food insecurity and forcing millions to migrate. 

Since PCA started, more than one hundred global and regional companies have deployed over USD 500 million in loans, access to financial products, job readiness and placement programs, and digital resources for individuals and small businesses in the region. PCA now wants to introduce a climate adaptation angle and build support among regional businesses that are key change agents for Northern Central America, and ultimately, Central America on the whole.  

Our partnership with PCA will enable it to: 

  • Mobilize governments, local businesses, indigenous communities, development agencies, and multinational companies to jointly design, finance, and implement climate adaptation initiatives across Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.  
  • Implement PCA’s regenerative agriculture and disaster risk insurance programs for 10,000 farmers in the region.  
  • Make the case for climate adaptation across all Partnership for Central America areas of work. 

PCA will also be supported in diversifying its model. PCA is committed to scaling its signature grassroots-to-grasstops, collective action approach. It works to fully integrate local businesses and communities into the public-private partnerships at the heart of the region’s growth. 

The Foundation’s partnership with PCA will help to make climate adaptation a central theme of collective action in the region. It is a singular opportunity to work with businesses, government agencies and organizations in Northern Central America that are implementing critical change while deepening the Foundation’s footprint in the Americas.  

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Three-year grant (2024-2026)

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