Rede Asta

An e-platform to boost micro-entrepreneurs’ revenues in Itaguaí


Brazil is a country of compelling opportunities and great potential for innovation, with a thriving ecosystem of circa 55 million micro-enterprises that generate over 50% of jobs in the country. Unfortunately, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is jeopardising years of progresses in poverty reduction and is undermining the labour market recovery. Support to micro-entrepreneurs, 45% of whom live below the poverty line, is therefore paramount to relaunch the Brazilian economy and support at-risk social groups.


Our partner Rede Asta has over 15 years of experience in supporting Brazilian artisans and women-led entrepreneurship through innovative technology-centred approaches. Trafigura Foundation is embarking on a new collaboration with Rede Asta to roll-out an online platform aiming to boost micro-entrepreneurs’ revenues in Itaguaí.


The platform Pertinho de Casa (“close to home”) registers local micro-enterprises and connects them to Itagui’s community, fostering support for a “buy-local” movement.  The B2C platform will allow entrepreneurs to offer their products and services to local consumers via the digital marketplace, as well as connect them with service providers that can help build their businesses (such as social media experts, local delivery services, accountants, micro-credit and financial services).


Micro-entrepreneurs can also benefit from the targeted training available on the platform, such as specific marketing and sales courses developed by Rede Asta in partnership with local associations and education institutions.


Rede Asta expects to boost the revenue generation for micro-entrepreneurs in Itaguaí by at least 10% in the next two years, and envisages that over 10,000 clients and circa 3,000 businesses will populate the platform to set the scene for market transactions, bringing to life a thriving local economy. 


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Three-year grant (2021-2024)

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