Peace Dividend Initiative (PDI)

Enabling climate-resilient entrepreneurship in conflict-affected countries

The mission of the Peace Dividend Initiative (PDI) is to catalyse peace-supporting investment in areas affected by conflict.  

Currently, only a fraction of climate finance reaches these contexts, and the connections between climate and conflict are often overlooked. Dedicated approaches are urgently needed in regions where climate change can be a major source of instability, and at the same time climate action offers an entry-point for sustainable development and peace. 

PDI incubates and accompanies the development of small and medium-size businesses in places that are exposed to conflict and climate-related risks. In addition, PDI plans to launch a dedicated impact investment vehicle – the Peace Venture Fund (PVF) – to offer a new investment model for peace-supporting and climate-resilient entrepreneurship in conflict-affected and fragile countries. 

The partnership with the Trafigura Foundation will enable PDI to: 

  • Incorporate climate resilience as a core theme in its global work.  
  • Strengthen and extend its work in conflict-affected and fragile countries by developing and scaling up a climate-resilient entrepreneurship programme.  
  • Launch the Peace Venture Fund (PVF) and incorporate climate-resilience standards. 

PDI’s model is one of the first in the nascent climate and peace finance space. It bridges the gap between public, private, development, peace and economic actors through dialogue, business incubation, and investment. PDI’s ambition is to influence public and private sector investment policies and practices via diverse partnerships. 

The Foundation’s partnership with PDI will contribute to increasing investments in fragile contexts in ways that have a long-term and positive social and environmental impact.  

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Three-year grant (2024-2026)

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